Printer Vector

It happens to all of use from time to time.  The coupon simply won’t print.

If it’s a coupon printer issue:  You must download the coupon printer.  Sometimes it will tell you  that you need to even if you have already downloaded.  Once in a blue moon it will fix the problem and was a simple updated version issue.  Other times it’s just gone squirrely and won’t work.  Try shutting down the whole computer and trying again.  If this doesn’t work, good luck to ya b/c they probably are having internal issuing at the companies site and who knows when it will be fixed.  (This hardly ever happens but sadly enough is a problem.)

If the site seems to be stuck or goes to a blank screen it could that the url isn’t formated for the browser you are in.  A typical url for coupons looks like this:

Notice the vg.  Below are the browsers that will print coupons when the “vg code” properly matches.

Firefox: wg or vg

Internet Explorer: vi or wi

Safari: xs