cheaphotelponyThese days when miles and points do not add up for much using hotel bookings directly you have to go for what is cheaper. We are always looking out for good deals on hotels for our family.

TravelPony claims they offer 10 to 70% off hotel prices on other websites. They don’t spend a lot of money on advertising and they claim to offer hotel rates well below those on other booking sites with the money saved. Before you can see their closed price listings you do have to sign-up for an account but it was easier for me to log in through Facebook. If you use my link to sign-up, you’ll get a $35 credit on your next booking, and I’ll get $25. Then you can refer your friends and family and get credit, too! This is better than the $25 credit you get if you sign-up directly from TravelPony!

We also loved the Travel App Hotel Tonight. You basically have to use both and switch it from city to city. Some offer better deals than others. You always want to do a search on and directly through the hotel before booking to see if they offer lower rates.