freewiifigogoHave you ever tried Google mail on an in-flight wifi before? Well we found out you may see if it works for free before paying for internet. Keep in mind this only works for smartphones so you cannot do this on your laptops unless you do something to the browser that is beyond our tech experience.  Also, if you cannot get it for free for some reason we have a discount promo code to use for at least 10 min free using any device.

There seems to be several services that seem to work without paying as long as you’re connected to the GoGo InFlight network. Most Google apps seemed to work extremely well. Although there may be some limited functionality you have to go into the app itself not through the browser.

The apps that work are:

Google Voice (sending and receiving)
Google Drive
Google Maps
Google Hangouts
Google Plus
Google Translate
Google Image Search
Google AdSense
Google Analytics
Google Search from phone search bar
Amazon music (only music in playlist will stream)
Airline app

The reason you may be getting these services free is because the in-flight Wi-Fi services use Google Analytics to monitor traffic so they leave that back doorway into Google apps open.

If they figure this out and close us all off of this free Google APPs you can also get this promo code for a free spin online using any device.  Free 10 min of access per flight use prom0 code USFREE10.

If you are unaware of how expensive in-flight wifi can be here are the current rates:

Airline Short Flights
Med Haul Long Haul Flights
American $9.95 $14.95* $25.95
Delta $9.95 $14.95* $25.95
JetBlue $9/hour for Fly-Fi premium service.
Southwest $8/day per device.
United $3.99 $6.99 $25.95
US Airways $9.95 $14.95* $25.95
Virgin America $9.95 15.95** $25.95