Couponing 101

Using Coupons at Target 101

Follow Us Check out this awesome Infographic on how to use Coupons at Target and score some great deals! Target is very easy to shop and you can get some amazing steals most of the time. You just have to
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How Coupons Work

Follow Us You spend hours at times looking for the best deals, printing coupons & even collecting coupon circulars from friends and family. But you have always wondered in the back of your mind, how do coupons really work? Aren’t these
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TLC’s Extreme Couponing to Return for 2nd Season

Follow Us The show most American’s have grown a love-hate relationship with is returning in just a few short weeks. Extreme Couponing will air it’s second season on   Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. See a sneak peak after the
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Couponing 101 Part 8: How to Stockpile & At What Prices

Follow Us When you find deals on FREE or dirt cheap items stock up! This is only good for items that will not expire before use or ones that can be frozen. Stock items you know you will use. Toiletries,
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Couponing 101 Part 7: Stacking Coupons & Sales

Follow Us Stacking is using more than one coupon on an item. You can ONLY use one paper MFG and one STORE coupon per item. Remember you need to ALWAYS hand your stores $ off $ coupon FIRST! CVS is
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Couponing 101 Part 6: Printing Problems

Follow Us It happens to all of use from time to time.  The coupon simply won’t print. If it’s a coupon printer issue:  You must download the coupon printer.  Sometimes it will tell you  that you need to even if
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Couponing 101 Part 5: The Barcode Decoded

Follow Us PLEASE READ: This part of Couponing 101 is for understanding of the coupon and how it works.  This is NOT with the intention for you to “barcode match” to commit coupon fraud.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? 
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Couponing 101 Part 4: Coupons by Type

Follow Us No matter what kind of coupons are looking for whether it be grocery coupons, Travelocity coupons, retail coupons etc.  There are 3 basic types of coupons. Understanding what each one is will help you in figuring out which
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Couponing 101 Part 2: Store Types

Follow Us Part 2 of Couponing 101 is about the different store types.  You need to know a little about how each store “operates” before shopping there.  This will save you both time and money.   1. Wholesale Clubs –
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